3 Ways To Get Your Vehicle Photo Inspection Completed
Please see content below on how to complete your Auto Photo Inspection 
Or watch this video on how to do it yourself.
  •  You can stop by our office.
  •  Visit an authorized Auto inspection site. Visit the following link for a site near you. By Clicking the button above.    *After inspection is complete please forward the confirmation of inspection to our office or email donna@trovatoassociates.com 
Skip the trip to the Photo Inspection Facility
How hard can it be? Its not, follow the instructions below.
  •  Text message or email photos to (585) 563 6553 or donna@trovatoassociates.com (please include your last name.)
  •  Photos of Front & drivers side (take wide shot so the entire front and driver’s side of vehicle is in photo)
  •  Photos of Rear & passenger side (take wide shot so the entire rear and passenger side of vehicle is in photo)
  •  Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) sticker (located on driver’s side door jamb) it is about a 2x3 sticker that has the VIN # on it. Please make sure the VIN # is legible.
  •  A picture of your license plate .
  •  Odometer (Milage Reading) How Many Miles Do you Have On Your Vehicle.
  •  fabric or leather seats and color
Watch The Video For Detailed Instructions.
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