Private Flood 
National Flood Insurance Program
Flood Insurance Is Sometimes Required By Banks For Residential and Commercial Mortgages. 
Buying Private Flood Insurance Is an Affordable Alternative To The Government Program 
  •  Coverage in lower-risk flood zones*
  •   Cost effective alternative to NFIP (Preferred Risk Policy (PRP) 
  •   Customized coverage limits and deductible options 
  •   Replacement cost value for all claims, including contents 
  •   Save an average of 40% vs NFIP 
  •  Available in all states except AK, DC and KY 
  •  Up to $300,00 building and $100,000 contents coverage
Whats the difference between Water backup & Flood Insurance?
When water backs up into your basement or over flows from a drain or sump pump you need to have an additional coverage on your policy that adds specific coverage for this type of loss. 

Coverage's ranges from $5000-$100,000 in additional coverage.
This is extremely important when it comes to having contents and a finished basement. 

When water seeps into the property through the foundation or there is an overflow from tidal body of water,  river or stream that is when flood insurance coverage begins. However there are limitations to flood insurance so it important to have an expert explain what is covered.  

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