How To Get Quotes 
Some things to make this process easy. 
If you haven't already done this.
  •  Get copies of your current Policy Declaration Pages Auto & Home Below you can see what those documents look like. Click the image to expand it.
  •  If you can email, fax or text the Policy Declaration Pages to us that would be great. Fax (585) 544- 2506 Text (585) 563-6553
  • Be on the lookout for any text messages that may come from our office. 
  •  During the quote process we may have some simple questions we need answered.
Auto quotes only.
We also need everyone who lives or drives vehicles in the household Birthdays and Drivers License Number. (Texting pictures of driver's license is a huge help) 
Please include any minor children's names & birthdays also. 
Replacement Cost Coverage
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